Monday, 16 March 2015

OD&D Session Audio

Last night's one-shot Original Dungeons & Dragons game (1974) was a lot of fun! I wrote the adventure and setting, generating the characters (and NPCs). Character generation was 3d6 down the line. We were playing with the three booklets, no supplements, but I also included my thief variant (which worked well!) and a berserker class that I'm yet to formalise. None of the players had experienced OD&D before, and it turned out to be a very enjoyable experience for all - one of my most memorable D&D experiences ever truth be told. It left me with the desire to develop my micro setting more. Perhaps something for the future.

The players named their characters and I provided three NPCs to journey with the players, each player controlling one.

The party roster was:

Ray - Cleric
Mago - Magic-User
Johnny Deep - Fighting-Man
Bardose - Fighting-Man
Haldar - Berserker
Qygly - Thief

The game began with handing the players this hex map:

The map detailed the extent of the characters known world. The town of Honem (in the middle of the map) was where all but the cleric grew up in, while due west is the barony/keep of Zhairmont. Between them is a wood infested with criminal foresters, and mythologies of a strange ruin. To the north is a loathsome bog infested with frogmen and swampy humans. To the east and south is a perilous badlands.

The game was designed as a combination between a hex/dungeon crawl, but the latter ended up being more the case, as the adventurers tracked down Rolf of Haris, an escaped criminal and unearthed the antediluvian ruin, plumbing its depths for secrets and wealth, all with but one loss of life!

You can listen to the entire session here:

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