Running any sort of Role-Playing Game is an art form. In the interest of self-improvement, and to provide others with an example of how I run my games I have included these Audio Sessions for your listening pleasure. 

The following audio clips are actual sessions with my actual friends. You won't find any guides or walkthroughs here, but if you listen carefully you will discover things that work in these games, and you will certainly be able to find things that don't work! Learn from my blunders and mistakes. It is here I attempt to record games that may not receive as much 'mainstream' attention. If someone sends me a GoPro I will start making videos, but until then audio will have to suffice!

I plan to update this regularly so keep checking back.

Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea Campaign:

Session #1 - The Cannibals On The Edge Of Town 

Session #2 - The Wrath Of Helios

Session #3 - An Unholy Feasting

Session #4 - The Warlord's Mirror

Session #5 - The Goddess In The Undergloom

Session #6 - A Cyclopean City

Dungeons & Dragons:

Original Dungeons & Dragons - The Black Ruins

Dungeons & Dragons B/X - Trouble In Shroomy

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