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Tombstone (Wild West RPG)

Grab your six-shooter, and get your game on. This is Tombstone, a rules-lite OSR-styled Wild West RPG. This Alpha version contains everything you need for endless adventure. Choose from six character Backgrounds: Folk Hero, Gambler, Indian Brave, Outlaw, Soldier and Holy-Roller. Make a character, or select a Quick Play character and get into the action immediately. This booklet contains rules for character backgrounds, skills, weapons & provisions, exploration, combat, playable Scenarios, a map of Silverton, a mini-Bestiary, debauchery and excitement tables, and much more.
A forthcoming version (available for purchase) will include all the artwork, maps, and plenty of additional content.




A growing collection of homebrewed monsters, mainly for OD&D.

Aquatic Ape

OD&D Conversion

A set of tables for running the 3 lbbs with ascending armour class. The attack bonuses for the three core classes are presented, and an easier-to-digest table of saving throws.

OD&D Conversion (Colour)

OD&D Conversion (Print Friendly)

Styro City Map

Styro City Map (Download from DropBox

Sandboxing: A Collection of Tools & Tables

An ever-growing booklet of tools and tables to assist the GM with running sandbox, hexcrawl, or megadungeon games. Over the next few years I will keep adding to these tables, so check back every now and then.

NPC Toolkit Tables (d100)

d100 tables for randomly determining NPC dispositions, professions and appearances.

NPC Appearance Table - Corey Ryan Walden

NPC Disposition Table - Corey Ryan Walden

Professions Table (Download from DropBox)

NPC Profession Table - Corey Ryan Walden

The Black Ruins

Blackened esoteric obelisks, henceforth known as "The Yore Standing Stones", dot a strangely unnatural hill. The runes are strangely inscribed, but it is what looms below the forlorn hill that should chill any good serf to the bone.

Maintaining compatibility with any old school fantasy role-playing game or retro-clone, this is an adventure for 4-6 players arrayed around levels 1-3. This work can be made compatible with newer editions with minimal effort. 

The Black Ruins Dungeon Map

This is included within The Black Ruins adventure, but is reproduced here as a Jpg download for your convenience.

Adventures in Highwold

This supplement is for any DM who needs a town, and needs a town fast! Designed to be compatible with any fantasy role-playing game system, Adventures In Highwold is the perfect starting point for any campaign.
Includes two full colour maps, a table of random encounters, area descriptions, fearsome foes and numerous adventure seeds for exciting adventures ahead.

High Wold Town Map

This is included within the Adventures in Highwold supplement, but for those who want a separate image file, it's yours!

Farlow Realm Map

Again, this is included in the Highwold Supplement, however I have made a higher quality version available for download.

OD&D Class Variants

These are my Original Dungeons & Dragons (1974) class variants. Most useful with a whitebox-only game. 


Berserkers are bloodthirsty warriors given over to the depravities of their fury.


The putrid blood of the underworld courses through the veins of the Cacozealot. They are offspring, devotees, and dervishes of demons, imps, and other unwholesome beings.  


The thief is the quintessential trickster, locksmith, sneak and villain. Thieves have a
variety of skills and abilities that give them an edge in urban or dungeon situations.


Warlocks have a preternatural relationship with the spirits of the Otherworld. They are, in a sense, soothsayers; though that is too narrow a definition. Warlocks are able to access a form of magick through their worship or commune with greater beings. This enables them to dominate the minds of others and portend omens.


At first glance, Werecats appear as regular men and women. Some Werecats are unusually hairy, some have pointed ears, and others possess catlike eyes. Often lithe and slim, Werecats have the ability to sneak, climb, and fall with unusual poise. Werecats have access to a range of spells. As they obtain higher levels they are able to transform into an actual cat.

Secondary Skills: A Chandler's Gotta Eat!

Secondary skills within earlier editions of Dungeons & Dragons and their more recent retro-clones are a commonly debated inclusion. While many who implement such systems use these ‘skills’ merely as a role-playing device, or to flesh out their character to a greater extent, I would suggest considering a system whereby these professionals are benefitted in some small way.

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