Wednesday, 9 September 2015

White Box

Original Dungeons & Dragons White Box — Corey Ryan Walden

Ever since buying the Wizards Original Dungeons & Dragons Reprint I've been itching to get my hands on an actual White Box. Today is the day, because this finally arrived. It's in awesome condition too, which is a bonus. More and more, I'm finding this ruleset is my go-to as far as simplicity and attaining a quintessential D&D experience is concerned. It's easily adaptable, has everything I like about D&D. For some reason I find it the most inviting edition to tamper with.

Although I think Wizards did a great job with the reprint, the original feels and looks quite different. I didn't quite click on how brown the "little brown booklets" actually are (the reprints are white). The interior pages of the White Box booklets are far more delicate, and although the font has been emulated pretty impressively, there are differences with layout and formatting. Of course, the box is completely different too.

For those who may be interested with this edition, but have yet to try it, I would recommend the Wizards of the Coast version simply because it comes with the additional supplements. There is something pretty special about owning an original though, and I'm very glad I was fortunate enough to have the spending money available when the opportunity presented itself. Although I probably shouldn't, I'm going to game the heck out this. It's too awesome to sit on a bookshelf, or be a "collector's" piece. 

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