Sunday, 17 May 2015

Trouble in Shroomy: New Adventure Preview

I'm working on a new adventure, tentatively titled Trouble In Shroomy, to be playtested tonight!

Trouble In Shroomy
The commonweal of Shroomtonia is a mushroom kingdom ruled by His Capped Shroominess, King Bolete LVII. It is generally a place of peace – humans are indentured to work the fungi fields – thus commerce and wealth thrives, and the Shroomfolk can pursue their various vocations unmolested. Being located beneath the earth (though not far) Shroomtonia thrives in relative darkness. The upper glades are the domain of Shroomtonia too, a place teeming with wildlife and flora of all description. It is this area that is currently under threat from human settlers, who have chanced upon the four glades. The settlers have begun hewing the giant conifers with axe, hunting the tame wildlife, and destroying the sacred toadstools - all in the name of 'progress'. This will not stand with King Bolete!

King Bolete has charged a group of shroomlings with the responsibility of putting an end to this human insurgence, so as to protect the upper realms from destruction. Bringing back the human leader’s head will grant membership to the prestigious ‘order of the stipe’ - and a chance to become an advisor to His Capped Shroominess.

I will be running this using B/X so Labyrinth Lord and OD&D players should find this pretty easy to pick up and run. My intention is to include the Shroomfolk Class within this adventure, which functionally is pretty similar to an Elf (with some differences obviously). This adventure will be great for a one-shot, and will probably be a bit more linear than my other adventures. It is definitely more Fungeons & Dragons than anything - being pretty silly, and departing from some standard D&D tropes. But it should be fun. 

...And yes, that shroomfolk's spear does have three human ears dangling from it. 

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