Friday, 10 April 2015

Trilemma Adventures

A few weeks ago, by happenstance of course, I came across the Trilemma Adventures Blog (aka I'll See It When I Believe it') by Michael Prescott. Ever since I've been meaning to write about it, because not only are these mini adventures very cool, but they're also very FREE. The premise of the adventures often follow a one- or two-page format, meaning the bulk of the information is right where you need it - nothing more, nothing less.

For example, we have 'The Circle of Wolves':
Circle of Wolves Trilemma Adventures Blog Michael Prescott, One Page Adventure

Or we have the latest adventure 'In the Care of Bones':

In the Care of Bones Trilemma Adventures Blog Michael Prescott, One Page Adventure

Note: The actual adventures contain text around the images, I have opted to show the illustrations only for example's sake.

These resources present an adventure site that I find artistically pleasing, but rich with potential. I may be mistaken, but I do not believe any specific system is intended or purported to be used with these resources, meaning the DM/GM/Referee is at liberty to interpret these images and text as they see fit, modifying it to suit your purposes.

Side Rant: Someone will invariably complain that it is not 'compatible' with their edition of choice, and thus they cannot POSSIBLY run it, but really, half the fun is modifying something to work in your world. That's the point of the game - shared adventure in a world of your group's creation! Most systems are not that complex to tamper with, and if you are running a system that makes the task of conversion difficult, may I suggest switching to something simpler? I was running Pathfinder awhile back, and for the record, the unnecessary complexity drove me up the wall. We have switched systems now (thankfully my group were supportive of this). Preparing stat blocks should not be a monolithic task.

Anyway, before my tangent I was saying these mini adventures are awesome. In a heartbeat I would grab the illustrations and make something cool with them if the actual adventure wasn't to my liking. Thankfully though the writing is clear, to the point, and generally well written. One of these mini adventures could easily provide a night's worth of fun, and may just prove to be that perfect side-quest to break the routine of a larger campaign. For the new DM/GM/Ref these adventures are a great starting point for getting your feet wet. If your DM is getting burnt out, offer to run one of these adventures as a one-shot. Put your hand towards changing a few things around, or fleshing out an NPC, or providing an agenda for them. Invent a monster, or do something as simple as change the colour of the monster's skin. These adventures make said experiments easy.

Dig in, and as always, have fun!

P.S If anyone has run one of these adventures I'd love to hear some stories.

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